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Letters from readers

- A letter from the Family of Shiri Negar who was killed by a suicide bomber on June 2002. more

- Does The Scribe support a U.S. pre-emptive strike on Iraq? more

- A comment on the review of “On being a Jewish Christian” by Bishop Hugh Montefiore (The Scribe No 71 p 29), Questions about Benjamin of Tudela, Abraham and the ancient Persian town of SABA more

- Typographic error on issue 75 more

- How you can claim that you are the present incumbent to the Exilarch unless you have proof that you are from the lineage of King David? a letter to the Scribe editor more

- A letter concerning the distribution of 1,000 family packs of matzot to the needy of Jerusalem for Passover more

- A copy of , Jerusalem, 2002 based on the manuscript of Rabbi Ezra Dangoor, added to the Hebrew Section of the British Library more

- A letter from the Association of Jews from Egypt (UK) about the Exhibition on Babylonian Jewry at the Jewish Museum in Camden Town, plus some community facts more

- We have an opportunity to explore Jewish artefacts and manuscripts and Jewish Holy sites in Iraq. We do not know when this opportunity will end, but it is likely to cease when a stable government will be established, which may be almost as anti-Jewish as the past regime. A request from the Jewish National and Hebrew University Library more

- An article published last year, by the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Centre, in a booklet entitled "Batei Hakneset Bebavel": Darush Le- Bar Mitzvah by the late Hacham Ezra Dangoor Z"l, a comment about the article "The Israeli Source of the Pathan Tribes" (Scribe Issue 74, p. 53) and a poem by Grace Dayan more

- A letter from Lucien Gubbay about the tracing of his great great great grandfather Reuben Gubbay and the tombstone inscription dated February 1799 more

- A letter of appreciation from Yvonne Cohen, New York more

- A letter from Mr Naim Dangoor to Mr Mike Byford, Chairman of the BBC World Service more

- 50 Shanghai lost Jewish tombstones found, Among them a few Sepharadi - Baghdadian tombstones and the Moses House in Shanghai more

- The 'By the Rivers of Babylon' Exhibition an exhibition exploring the roots and heritage of Iraqi Jews at The Jewish Museum in Camden Town and the contribution of the Dangoor family more

- A letter from Mordechai Ben-Porat, Chairman of the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center, about WOJAC and the U.S. fund for compensating Jewish and Palestinian claimants more

- A letter about the Sassoon family tree more

- The Agassi Family Tree website project more

- A letter of appreciation from Cathy Hardoon, Renée Dangoor's old Shanghai classmate more

- A UJIA Appeal- The UJIA's Victim Support Fund has distributed over £1 million in the last four months to 155 Israeli terror victims and their families more

-A letter to the Editor of the Jewish Chronicle: about the rice & lentils project operated by the The Exilarch's Foundation in Jerusalem more

-Exploring Jewish History in China, Jewish-Asian Resources on the Web more

-A letter from Mr. Dangoor to Daniel Crewe, reporter for The Times, about his idea for an interest-free monitory system more

-The Struma story and the Stoliar/ Stolier family name from Ukraine more

-Further information wanted about an article in issue no. 9 Jan/Feb 1973, 'under The Baghdad Hangings' by G.C.B. (Gourji C Bekhor) more

-A question about “The New Iraq” more

-A letter of appreciation From Hazon Yeshaya more

-Response to the exhibition By the Rivers of Babylon – The story of the Jews of Iraq more

- The young man who climbed onto the roof of the Iraqi Embassy in London during the demonstration in 1969 after the murder of the 9 Jews in Baghdad, writes to the scribe more

-In search of the history of the Twena family more

-A question about the Struma affair, Russian or British submarine? more

-A correction about a picture published In issue 75 of the Hall of Culture and Friendship in Shanghai more

-A letter of appreciation for recieving Rabbi Ezra Dangoor's work on Koheleth more

-Arequest to receive printed copies of The Scribe more

-Elections in Shanghai for the new Board of Executive Committee of the community more

-A question about the "Ezra" and "Bahar" family tree more

-A letter from the Curator of 'By the Rivers of Babylon' at The Jewish Museum about the photographs exhibited more

-Thoughts and Afterthoughts by Naim Dangoor, a letter to President George W Bush about the start of One World doctrine more

-The injustice suffered by Jews from Arab lands who were dispossessed and their assets expropriated by the respective Arab Governments following the turmoil and hatred unleashed by the creation of Israel in 1948 more

-"Ras-Al-Qarya", a primary school for Jewish boys affiliated to the Ministry of Education (Maaref) of the Iraqi government, which was functioning until shortly before the Jews left Iraq more

-The Guild of Jewish Journalists Authors and Writers' campaign to raise awareness of the position of Jews ejected from Arab lands since 1948 more

-A letter of appreciation from Linda Menuhin (Daughter of Yaacob Abdel Aziz), for Mr. Dangoor's donation to "KANOON", for the sake of reviving the Iraqi Jewish music more

-Information about a link to the Sassoon family tree more

-Memories of Shi'ite Muslim who grew up in Baghdad and has fond memories of the magnificent Jewish Community that was so prominent and influential at the time more

-On 'being a Pathan' more

-More on the Pathan tribes in reference to the article which appeared in issue 74/page 53 and memories of Afgan Jews in Iraq more

-Women's UJIA has raised a significant amount of money for soup kitchens in Jerusalem more

-Capt. Lincoln's first yacht , the 1911 International Six Metre Class "Houri". A letter from the owner more

-The succesful operation of the Rice and Lentil project. A letter from Hazon Yeshaya more

-A request by the Daniel Pearl Foundation to participate in an inspirational book that will encourage people to reflect on Danny's last words: "I am Jewish" and what it means to them to say "I am Jewish." The book will be published by Jewish Lights Publishing under the title: I AM JEWISH:
Personal Reflections Inspired by the Words of Daniel Pearl more

-A comment by Mr. Eli Sawadayee about the article "Where did we go wrong" more

-A letter From A Pathan: similarities between cultures and the Hebrew origin of the name Makka and Arab more

-Karen Dingoor about the connection to the Dangoor family tree more

-On the Book of Kohelet: comments about Rabbi Ezra Dangoor's work more

-Edward Yamen writes about Mr. Silas (Salih) Haron Hardoon more

-Comments from the President of the 'Sacred Treasure of Religion Foundation' more

-Rabbi Zrihen requesting a copy of 'Ecclesiastes'- Commentary written by Rabbi Ezra Dangoor more

-Nita Tephaha Jawary wrote a book about the food and culture of Iraqi Jews through the stories and recipes she has collected from her family. she now seeks a publisher more

-Religion is a human institution: all those who acknowledge and worship the One True God are equal in the sight of Heaven and Should be treated as equal in every respect more

- the difference between Allah and Elohim and the origin of the Name Allah more

- Does the Dangoor family claim to the Exilarchate? Is the Exilarch a descendant of the Kings of Judah? were the Jews required to rebuild the temple if a suitable Davidic ruler could be found? more

-A question regarding the relations between Jews and Arabs during World War II more

-A correction for The Scribe issue no. 73 more


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