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A new print of the Babylonian Haggadah Available now! click here to order a copy from the Exilarch's Foundation more

The Gour Shasha Hospital Tower in Israel
Over 1 million people visit the Rabin Medical Centre (RMC) in Petach Tikva, Israel every year. Now, after much hard work, a striking new tower, ‘The Gour Shasha Tower’, warmly welcomes those masses with modern architecture and home-like interiors. more

The Third International Congress for Babylonian Jewry Research was held on June 2002 in Israel. more

3rd Session of the Congress: Was the year 1839 a turning point in Children’s Education in the Baghdad and Aden Jewish communities? Similar and dissimilar aspects in Jewish Education in the Baghdad and Aden communities From Mid-19th Century to Mid-20th Century. more

Elections in Israel January 2003- Final reasults for the 16th knesset more

A Picture of Renee Dangoor, published in the Al- Mutamar newspaper. more

Shbahoth: Iraqi-Jewish Songs From the 1920s- A new CD featuring the greatest of Iraqi-Jewish singers in remastered historical recordings from the 1920s more

Iraqi-Jewish Expats To Seek Compensation For Lost Assets- In the wake of the war in Iraq, Iraqi Jews residing in the United States and Europe are weighing the possibility of filing class-action suits demanding compensation in lieu of property and assets that they were forced to leave behind. more

Iraq's last Jews wait in fear for war- Ian Cobain reports from Baghdad on a once-thriving community That is vanishing without trace more

50 centenarians were honoured recently at the home of the President of Israel more

Joel Millman of the wall street Journal New York reporting from baghdad more

A picture taken recently at the Hadassah International conference. more

Iraq-Israel relations could 'be the best'- Baghdad-born Iraq maven David Sasson on Israel's mistakes in pre-Saddam Iraq and the opportunities that beckon now more

The Prince of Wales talking to Mr Naim Dangoor at a charity dinner at Buckingham Palace in aid of The Prince's Trust. more

The Libyan Leader's statement to the Press more

The Forgotten Refugees
Some basic truths need to be reaffirmed about the Middle East tragedy. A major stumbling block has always been the question of the return of ˜or compensation for˜ Arab refugees from Palestine in 1948 and 1967. But Israel's steadfast refusal by the Arab Palestinian leadership and Arab countries since the 1920s also led to another great refugee tragedy more

Arabic items with comment by Shula Gabbay more

A transcript of a broadcast in Market Place Radio on the Jews of Iraq (11th of July 2003) more

Jewish Mosul Revisited A United States Army Battalion Chaplain (Rabbi), visits and rediscovers the ancient Jewish town of Ninveh-Mosul. Included with the article- an old photograph of the leaders of the Jewish community in Mosul in the 30s more

The Jewish community in Baghdad deserve medals (in Arabic) more

What the papers said
A collection of recent publications in the media more

The few remaining Jews in Baghdad
A handful of Jewish residents, wary of visitors, still remain in Baghdad more

A notice in Jerusalem's "Kol Hair" regarding the Exilarch's Foundation's rice and lentil distribution project more

Jews of Baghdad- Jews have lived in Iraq for nearly 3,000 years. That era is coming to an end. Memories as old as Babylon, hopes and fears as new as the headlines out of Baghdad, all blend together in the living history of Iraq’s Jews. out of Newsweek Oct., 2003 more

Libyan Jews claim £100m for seized wealth - Exiled Jews are launching a multi-million pound compensation claim for property sized in Libya after Col Muammar Gaddafi signalled that he would consider making payments in his latest effort to end historic enmities more





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