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The Legacy of Abraham- Almost everybody knows the outline of Abraham’s story, but until recently he probably has not received the credit he deserves as a religious innovator. As biblical pioneer of the idea that there is only one God, he is on a par with Moses, St. Paul and Muhammad, responsible for a "complete departure from everything that has gone before in the evolution of culture and sensibility". In other words, he changed the world. more

The Battle of Purim
Purim celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people, in the year 3405 from Creation (356 bce), from Haman's plot to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day. more

The Babylonian Refugee Camps in the Teheran Cemetery- The terror policy that was enforced against the Jews of Iraq encouraged them to flea at any cost or way possible. At that time escaping routes to Israel through Syria, Lebanon and Jordan were blocked. Escape attempts to Iran were made and at first a few managed to infiltrate to south Iran through Basra and to north Iran through Khanaqin and Kirkouk.After consulting the people of the Jewish community in Teheran, it was decided to lodge the refugees in the old cemetery ‘Bahashatia’ in Teheran. more

A timeless picture of Ben Gurion, Eshkol, Dayan, Perez, Rabbi Goren and many more, sent by Edward Yamen more

Traditional weights used in Iraq in recent times more

Listen to 5 CD's of Old Iraqi Music and read about Iraqi music history more

Paintings by Eli Sawdayee, depicting the life style of the thirties in an upper middle class house of a Baghdadian Jewish family more

My Experience in Shanghai during W.W.II
Cathy Hardoon tells the story of her life in Shanghai during and after W.W.II and later, the immigration to the USA more

A photograph taken in June 1943 on board the S.S. E-Sang in Kuwait harbour more

Baghdad under British occupation in 1917 and the hisrory of the rare stamps more

The Gabbay Family Tree complied by Sandy Sopher more

Where Judaism Began
Babylon looms large in Jewish history. It represents the land from which the patriarch Abraham emerged, and it is a name that nearly a millennium later became almost synonymous with the term "Diaspora" - the place where "we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion more

Cut throat competition
A feature of the Iraqi Jewish merchant was his competitiveness more

A photograph taken in Baghdad 1927,at the wedding of Victoria Bekhor and Ezra Somekh more

Prominent Egyptian Jews of recent times more

Prominent Iraqi Jews of recent times more

A photograph taken in the 1930s shows doctors and nurses at Meir Elias Hospital in Baghdad more

Ancient Jewish medicine in Baghdad (in Arabic) more

Egyptian Jurists to Sue 'The Jews' for Compensation for 'Trillions' of Tons of Gold Allegedly Stolen During Exodus from Egypt more

Saddam's Secret Jewish Archives
In the basement of Iraqi intelligence headquarters, Torahs and books from a lost community are rescued from three feet of water more

Colorful Jewish community contributed much to Shanghai- One of the most interesting chapters in Shanghai's history was the growth of a vibrant Jewish community last century - exiles who found refuge in the city from hardship, war and persecution. more

Genealogical tables of the Exilarch's Tree prepared by david hughes ( more








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