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Controversial book by the Chief Rabbi
The Jewish community in Britain has been divided in recent months over very controversial words, written by the Chief Rabbi. In mid 2002, Chief Rabbi of Britain, Dr. Jonathan Sacks, revealed new ideas in his book, ‘The Dignity of Difference: How to Avoid the Clash of Civilizations’, which started a row among Jewish religious leaders in Britain and overseas. Plus, a letter and a comment by Mr. Naim Dangoor. more

The Beastifcation of Pope Pius XII
For his crimes against humanity in general and the Jews in particular, Pope Pius XII ranks second only to Hitler. Yet, the Catholic Church is drumming up the campaign to make him a saint, absolving him of all the misdeeds he committed. more

Six Days of War - June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East
A gripping account of one of the pivotal events in modern Middle Eastern history - on the 35th anniversary of the war more

Books received more

Extracts from the book "Al Muqaddimah" (An introduction to History), by Ibn Khaldun more

The New Iraq- Rebuilding the country for its people, the Middle East and the world. The book is a superb guide to the rebirth of the great civilisation of Iraq. Combining sensitive description of centuries of history which offers fascinating, yet hopeful description of Iraq more

Pageantry and Performance- The Household Cavalry in a Celebration of Pictures
A book of photographs by Henry Dallal more

Grace After Meals- The Union of Sepharadic Congregations has made arrangements with Ktav Publishing House to issue a new Birkat Hamazon booklet in an attractive full colour format more

"I am Jewish: Personal Reflections Inspired by the Last Words of Daniel Pearl". For the second anniversary of his death, Daniel Pearl's parents, Professor Judea and Ruth Pearl, asked famous and not-so-famous Jews around the world to write a short essay on what being Jewish means to them. the book will be out in Febuary. more

The Farhi Siddur- A version of the 1917 edition of the Farhi Siddur has now been reissued and translated into Arabic for the first time. more


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