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The Union of Sepharadic Congregations has made arrangements with Ktav Publishing House to issue a new Birkat Hamazon booklet in an attractive full colour format

The new booklet includes the Birkat Hamazon text according to the Western Sepharadic tradition as well as the Mediterranean Sepharadic tradition. It includes the Ashkenazic text for the benefit of Ashkenazic relatives and friends. The booklet also includes the wedding blessings, circumcision ceremony, and Habdalla service according to both major Sepharadic Traditions. And, of course, it includes Pizmonim for Shabat.

The new booklet is ideal for custom-imprinting for special occasions: Bar/Bat Mitzvah, weddings, circumcisions, synagogues, events etc.

The cost per booklet is $4 retail; but it is only $2.40 per booklet for bulk orders of 50 or more copies, plus 50c per copy for imprinting. Billing and Shipping will be done directly by:
Ktav Publishing House, Inc.
930 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306

It is interesting to note that the above Birkat Hamazon includes an English Translation, which makes it of more interest to the reader.

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