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Where did I come from and where am I today?
Many of the people who were born in Iraq and raised in another country, suffer from an identity problem. The question which bothers them is: "Who are we?" The lives of these people in a foreign society are mostly influenced by stereotypes and stigmas in that society. During the process of forming an identity between "east" and "west" an identity crisis occurs, followed by an attempt to create harmony between both sides. more

The London Jewish Centre incorporating the work of the Spiro Institute and The Oxford Institute For Yiddish Studies, has recently acquired Ivy House, the former historic home of Anna Pavlova. Once refurbished the building will become a major cultural centre for the Jewish community.

A Vibrant reminder of Iraq's rich history- The title of "Miss Baghdad" may seem improbable today, but in 1947 the competition not only existed but was won by a Jewish girl, Renée Dangoor. The photograph of Miss Baghdad, wrapped in a sash marked in Arabic, is one of the most striking images in an exhibition that opened in February at the Jewish Museum in London. Using material from Baghdadi Jews who now live in London, By the Rivers of Babylon describes the glory years and final dark days of the oldest of the Diaspora communities. more

By The Rivers of Babylon- The story of the Jews in Iraq, as seen by Matthew J Reisz at the Jewish Museum, Camden Town. more

A group photo of the wedding of Audrey and Michael Dangoor more

The State of Israel Bonds in London recently moved to new offices more

A picture of Anna David Dangoor, who recently graduated from the University of Nottingham more

The Shanghai Jewish community Centre, Beit Midrash, Library & Study Hall more

An obituary for Suzette Mahlab beloved wife and mother who passed away on May 20, 2003 more

A picture from the wedding of Deborah & Philippe Peress more

An obituary for Dr. Anwar Gabbay by Dan Gabbay more

An obituary for Dr. Daoud Gabbay by Dr. Flora Gabbay more

An obituary for David Davies as published in the Jewish Chronical more

A link to Nita Jawary's website- an Iraqi jew living in Australia. Site contains information about Sephardi Jewry in writing, art and cuisine more

Tribute to David Elias, Z"L- Born Calcutta 5.11.16, died London 1 December 2002, David Elias (aged 86) was described as the "father-figure of Eastern Jewry who devoted his life to helping fellow Oriental Jews especially from Calcutta and Bombay." more





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