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The Exilarch's Foundation would like to revive and commemorate the role of Baghdadi Jews in the Jewish history of Shanghai.

To this end, the following information was received from Rabbi Shalom D Greenberg, Rabbi of Shanghai's Jewish Community and emissary of the Chabad-Lubavitch Movement:

Thank you very much for your interest! We are gratified to hear that the Exilarch's Foundation has taken interest in our cause to keep Judaism alive wherever there are Jews, even in remote areas.

Attached is an article written about the centre and its goals.

The first Jews to arrive in Shanghai came over 150 years ago, but for the past 50 years there has been no official place for the Jewish population to meet and socialise. All that changed when the Leader of the Shanghai's Jewish community, Rabbi Shalom Greenberg, opened the Shanghai Jewish Centre in Hongqiao Lu. The four-storey villa houses a Synagogue, a kosher restaurant, offices, meeting rooms and an outdoor garden. The Jewish pre-school is run by the Rabbi's wife, Dina Greenberg. The centre also offers a range of community services for all Jewish residents in Shanghai, including counselling, marriages, the coming-of-age bar mitzvah ceremony, and circumcision.

Since the early 1990's and the opening up of China's economy, more and more Jewish professionals, teachers, students and tourists have come to Shanghai from countries around the world. The centre offers a single place for daily events, Friday dinners and holiday celebrations. Major annual holidays like Jewish New Year will still be celebrated at the old Shanghai Synagogue on Shannxi Bei Lu.

The Shanghai Jewish Centre is at 1720 Hongqiao lu. Phone 6278-0225, or e-mail Rabbi Greenberg at
For more information:

Beit Midrash, Library & Study Hall in Shanghai
Donated by: Mr. Albert Sassoon, First President

Rabbi Shalom & Dina Greenburg