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The Six Days of Creation
The series entitled The Six Days Of Creation planned to explore the argument that the text of the first two verses of Genesis may be read in a way that is consistent with modern science. more

More Akbar than Akbar?
There was once a great Mogul king in India by the name of Akbar. He had no children and desperately wanted a son, so he went to a holy place called the Darga where he swore that if a son was born to him he would distribute rice for the poor. A son was born and two large pots of rice were provided, and this became a tradition, which continues to our day.

Some views of the rice and lentil programme in Jerusalem carried out by the Exilarch's foundation more

Desert Truffles- A Gourmet’s Buried Secrets
"A natural phenomenon of great complexity, one of the strangest plants, without root, stem, fibre, branch, bud, leaf or flower." The words of Theopharstus, a pupil of Aristotle’s in 300 BCE, puzzled by the mystery of the truffle (including a recipe for Crème of desert truffles soup) more

Jerusalem Facts & Figures
T he most recent population statistics relating to Jerusalem, prepared by the Jerusalem institute of Israel studies. interesting reading. more

2 Poems by Michael Baroukh and Lee Baroukh. more

Mashhadi Jews in New-York The 4,000 Mashhadi who originated from the city of Mashhad in Iran live now in a New- York suburb like one big family. The older generation still speaks their mother tongue "Farsi". more

The Dove of Peace- A drawing by Stephanie Michael Dangoor. more

Popular Iraqi songs sung by leading singers more

A Future for Islam
Islam does not mean slavish and blind surrender. In its form Islam really means, “to be in tune” to the will of Allah, and in this way to derive the wonderful benefits that our God wishes to bestow on his creation. more

Hazon Yeshaya Organization The rice and Lentils project sponsored by Mr. Naim Dangoor has been helping the needy citizens of Jerusalem for the last six months. It has been executed with the help of "Hazon Yeshaya", a non-profit organisation more

Jews in Arab Countries- Numbers according to the Israeli Ministry of immigration & settlements more

Hitching a ride on the magic carpet- an article by Professor Yehouda Shenhav concerning the question of classifying Jewish immigrants as refugees and a reply by Mr. Dangoor more

Divide Iraq into three states- President George W. Bush's new strategy of transferring power quickly to Iraqis, and his critics' alternatives, share a fundamental flaw: All commit the United States to a unified Iraq, artificially and fatefully made whole from three distinct ethnic and sectarian communities. That has been possible in the past only by the application of overwhelming and brutal force. more






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