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Hazon Yeshaya Organization

The rice and Lentils project sponsored by Mr. Naim Dangoor has been helping the needy citizens of Jerusalem for the last six months. It has been executed with the help of "Hazon Yeshaya", a non-profit organisation.
3 times a week the organisation is distributing 200 bags of rice to all that comes to each of their three centres in Jerusalem. The volunteers are preparing 700 hot meals a day, served at the organisation's main kitchen in Rashi St. and an extra 400 meals a day are being distributed to children of the "Lemaan Hayeled", the child support organisation. The organisation is also delivering food to homes of the disabled who can't appear in person to receive their share. For receiving the full meals some medical or civil documentation is needed proving they are in need and their details are filed, the rest are welcome to sit have the rice and lentils served at the kitchen's site.
Hazon Yeshaya was founded by Rabbi Abraham Israel and serves the elderly, the impoverished and the disable and is open to Jews from all ages and backgrounds through 365 days a year.
Among the services that Hazon Yeshaya is providing are Bar- Mitzvah celebrations for orphaned and abused children whose families cannot celebrate for them and distribution of clothes for those in need. It also runs two kindergartens for the children of poor families. Many such children were in the street before Hazon Yeshaya took sixty of them into kintergardens supervised by the education department of the Jerusalem municipality.



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