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By Naim Dangoor

The religion of Islam is at once the youngest and the oldest of the three monotheistic faiths. Its tradition goes back to Abraham who obeyed god’s command to sacrifice his son and surrendered (aslama) himself to the will of Allah- hence “Islam”. Abraham is said to be the first Muslim.

But Islam does not mean slavish and blind surrender. In its form Islam really means, “to be in tune” to the will of Allah, and in this way to derive the wonderful benefits that our God wishes to bestow on his creation.

Islam derives from the root “Salam” meaning peace. It is a method for achieving peaceful co- existence with in the cosmic plan, True Islam cannot practice or approve acts of violence and terrorism. It is not meant to be a formula for achieving our wishes but the wishes of our Creator.

Judaism is full of references to the helping hand of to those who follow Him. One example is psalm23, “the Lord is my shepherd, and therefore I shall not lack anything”. I personally experienced many times the wonderful guidance of the Almighty when a threatening situation suddenly turned to my advantage.. The Koran says you may hate something that is good for you and you may like something that is bad for you. God in fact wants to help us if we know how to make the right decisions, for He gave us free- will and wants us to use it.

A man was stranded on a small island surrounded by rising floods. A rowing boat came and asked him to get on but he refused saying, “God will help me”. An hour later a motorboat passed and asked him to get on. Again he refused saying “God will help me”. An hour later a helicopter came to winch him to safety but again he refused saying “God will help me”. The water kept rising and he drowned. However once in heaven he complained that he had put his trust in God but God did not save him. He was told “Three times we sent you means of escape but you refused because you did not appreciate it”

I am reminded of that anecdote when I think of the Arab- Israel conflict. The holocaust was a watershed in the history of Christendom. Europe forfeited its right to remain a world leader. But where would the challenge come from? The answer is Islam. In God’s overall plan for a future for Islam he realised that they would need certain help they lacked. He planted the Zionists in their midst for that purpose. But the Arabs did not appreciate that. They rose up against the Zionists and against the Jews who cannot pose any threat to them, but who would provide the right help at the right time.

Will the Arabs persist in their folly until they drown and realise that violence is not the way of “Jihad”, which means to be in tune with the will of Allah by peaceful means.


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