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"I am Jewish: Personal Reflections Inspired by the
Last Words of Daniel Pearl"

Dear Mr. Dangoor,

It is a great pleasure for us to inform you that the final, edited
copy of the book "I am Jewish" is now at the printer, and that
copies will be available in bookstores by late January.
The complete title now reads: "I am Jewish: Personal Reflections
Inspired by the Last Words of Daniel Pearl". We would like to thank
you formally for your contribution to this unique volume.

"I Am Jewish" contains close to 150 contributions from Jews in twelve
countries around the world; a complete list is enclosed below. We are
very proud of the final result, and we hope that you will
be pleased to be included in it. Initial reaction from advance
reviewers has been excellent, for it is rare indeed to find
such combination of depth, inspiration and diversity all
assembled in one volume. Some reviewers even see it as a timely,
and most appropriate Jewish response to Mel Gibson's controversial
movie, "The Passion", sheduled for release February 25, 2004.

At this point, Ruth and I are working closely with Jewish Lights, our
publisher, to bring attention to the book and its message
so that the benefits of your thoughts will impact
the broadest possible audience.

To accomplish this, we are trying to place excerpts in many Jewish
newspapers and magazines, in particular. Some contributors have
already asked for permission to publish their own pieces separately
through their own media contacts, and we would encourage you to do
so starting in February. (As each individual contribution is
copyrighted in the name of the author, no formal permission is
required from us for you to republish the material.) However, if you

do this, please include the following reference to the book and let
us know where your contribution will appear.

--------------Reference, Example 1 -------------------
Excerpted from "I Am Jewish: Personal Reflections Inspired by the
Last Words of Daniel Pearl", edited by Judea and Ruth Pearl
(Jewish Lights, 2004,

--------------------Reference, Example 2 -----------------
The last words of Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl,
who was murdered by terrorists in Pakistan were: "I am Jewish".
For the second anniversary of his death, Daniel Pearl's parents,

Professor Judea and Ruth Pearl, asked famous and not-so-famous Jews
around the world to write a short essay on what being Jewish means to
them. The inspiring result, "I Am Jewish: Personal Reflections
Inspired by the Last Words of Daniel Pearl", was recently published
by Jewish Lights (<> ).
This essay is an excerpt from that book.

In addition, if there are any media contacts you would like us to
approach concerning the book or your contribution to it, please let
us know. We will make good and appropriate use of the information.

We are pleased to note that public discussions of the book
are planned in New York City (February 24,
92nd Y, and Los Angeles (April 27, Skirball
Cultural Center, We hope that such meetings
will spread to other communities and will spark a broad,
on-going discussion of our collective identity.

As you know, all royalties earned by this book will go to
support the Daniel Pearl Foundation (
which works to shape a saner world and a stronger Jew.

Happy Hanukkah and, again, our thanks for your contribution.

Very truly yours,

Judea & Ruth Pearl

Rosalie Abella
David Azrieli
James Ball
Ehud Barak
Tony Bayfield
Theodore Bikel
W. Michael Blumenthal
Sylvia Boorstein
Leon Botstein
Edgar M Bronfman
Yefim Bronfman
Angela Warnick Buchdahl
Avraham Burg
Judy Feld Carr
Michael Chlenov
David Colburn
Alan Colmes
Irwin Cotler
Rachel Cowan
Roger Cukierman
Naim Dangoor
Alan Dershowitz
Kirk Douglas
Richard Dreyfuss
Kitty Dukakis
Dianne Feinstein
Tovah Feldshuh
Jonathan Freedland
Sam Freedman
Debbie Friedman
Milton Friedman
Tom Friedman
Alana Frey
Martin Gilbert
Daniel Gill
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Daniel Goldhagen
Richard Goldman
Gloria Goldreich
Nadine Gordimer
David Grossman
Ida Haendel
David Hartman
Uri Herscher
Stephen Hoffman
Roald Hoffmann
David Horovitz
Lord Janner
Josef Joffe
Daniel Kahneman
Patricia Karlin-Neumann
Moshe Katsav
Naamah Kelman
Larry King
Ephraim Kishon
Francine Klagsbrun
Bernard Kouchner
Chaim Kramer
Robin Kramer
Harold Kushner
Lawrence Kushner
Shia LaBeouf
Dr. Norman Lamm
Israel Meir Lau
Norman Lear
Kenneth Leinwand
Liz Lerman
Richard Lerner
Julius Lester
Bernard-Henri Levy
Maurice Levy
Bernard Lewis
Daniel Libeskind
Joe Lieberman
Maureen Lipman
Deborah E. Lipstadt
Joshua Malina
Jackie Mason
Michael Medved
Ruth Messinger
Alexander Militarev
Larry Moses
Amos Oz
Cynthia Ozick
Judea Pearl
Michelle Pearl
Tamara Pearl
Ruth Pearl
Arno Penzias
Shimon Peres
Martin Peretz
Dennis Prager
Robert Rabinovitch
Naomi Ragen
Uri Regev
Anne Roiphe
Thane Rosenbaum
Menachem Rosensaft
Bernice Rubens
Douglas Rushkoff
Jonathan Sacks
Sandy Sasso
Vidal Sassoon
Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
Daniel Schorr
Harold Schulweis
Lynn Schusterman
Chaim Seidler-Feller
Natan Sharansky
Gary Shteyngart
Richard Siegel
Sarah Silverman
Gershom Sizomu
Awraham Soetendorp
Michael Steinhardt
Kerri Strug
David Suissa
Lawrence Summers
Jackie Tabick
Shelley Tayar
Simone Veil
Mike Wallace
Wendy Wasserstein
Elie Wiesel
Leon Wieseltier
Sherwin Wine
Ruth Wisse
Lord Woolf
Zev Yaroslavsky
Peter Yarrow
A. B. Yehoshua
Eric Yoffie
plus 10 young people in their teens.

Countries represented:
USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands,
Russia, Malta, Uganda, South Africa, Israel

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