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As one of your thankful readers, I take the liberty of writing to you on a subject that am sure could be of some interest to those of your readers who were living in Iraq, specifically Baghdad, before leaving it to other destinations.
The subject concerns a primary school called "Ras-Al-Qarya" for Jewish boys affiliated to the Ministry of Education (Maaref) of the Iraqi government, which I assume was functioning until shortly before the Jews left Iraq. This school, which had 100% Jewish students, had never been mentioned in any of your journal in the past. The teachers were of mixed religions, and one of the outstanding teachers was Mr. Yehuda (Gorgi) Bershan who I am sure is well known to you, and he was the sports teacher in the years 1938 and 1939, before he left it for Shamash School.
Mr. Bershan is now living in Israel and, after over 60 years, I was able to contact him and am still in touch by phone and mail every now and then. In one of his books, he published a picture taken in 1939 at the mentioned school, showing the 4 sports boys decorated with medals, as well as himself. I am sending you herewith a copy of this rather "historical" picture so that you may kindly mention the name of the school, and if possible showing the picture as well in the next edition of The Scribe, so that the students of that school who happen to come across this issue will nostalgically feel glad to see and remember.

The 4 sports students in the picture are:
Victor Mirza (now Assim) ,Nadhem, Fouad, Moshi
Sorry, I forgot their surnames

Monsieur Victor ASSIM
130 Rue Jean Baptiste Charcot



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