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By the Rivers of Babylon at The Jewish Museum
from Jennifer Marin
Curator of the Museum

Exhibition on the Jews of Iraq
20 November 2002 - 6 April 2003

I am finalising the picture selections for the above, and editing material for the accompanying catalogue publication. Further to our telephone conversation, I am sending you a list of photographs that we should like to borrow please, and to assist with checking the information for a few specific photographs.

We appreciate you granting permission to use quotations from The Scribe. We intend to use a few short extracts from Mozelle Sassoon's 1910 diary account (issue 74).

The Scribe is a truly invaluable source of information and illustrative reference. We are happy to print in the catalogue full acknowledgement of your website details as follows:

The Scribe - Journal of Babylonian Jewry, published by The Exilarch's Foundation, London, on the internet since issue 70 (October 1998), and back issues (since 1971) available on-line at

Here are the themes for which I am seeking new photos please:

1. Iraqi Jews in Britain

So far we have shortlisted the photograph of your family Seder from 1974, and a colour reunion photograph of Frank Iny School (Scribe issue 73) but would like to include other recent activities showing the community in the UK.

2. Sweets and Spices - about food

This has proven rather difficult to illustrate.
We shall be re-printing three or four pages of traditional Baghdadi recipes at the end of the catalogue, and wish to illustrate with photographs of dishes, party scenes, etc. - historical rather than modern.

3. Wedding Customs

e.g. dress, Luzina tray

4. The Sassoon family with Hakham Yosef Haim etc. We would like a print of this with the identities of all those shown. I need to get accurate information on the Great Synagogue and a similar one called the New Synagogue. Are they the same?


The two synagogues look similar but are not the same.


If you would like to make any comments or contribute to The Scribe please contact us