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Thank you very much for the two copies of the Scribe, Nos. 74 and 75, which I am enjoying reading.

I appreciate very much reading your articles, in these and the other issues of the Scribe, on different subjects. You deal with every problem from a special and unique point of view.

Lately, I came across an article published last year, together with other articles, by the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Centre, in a booklet entitled "Batei Hakneset Bebavel" The article includes Darush Le- Bar Mitzvah by the late Hacham Ezra Dangoor Z"l, on his son Reuben Sion's Bar Mitzvah. I am almost sure that you must have a copy of this publication, but I thought I would send you one just in case you do not. As unfortunately it is out of print, I have photocopied the article and I enclose it herewith. All this took some time, as the booklet was sold only in Or Yehudah - hence my delay in replying to your letter.

On reading the article "The Israeli Source of the Pathan Tribes" (Scribe Issue 74, p. 53), I remembered an article about the remnants of the Jewish community in Burma by Reuben Kashani, in which he writes also about the Karani tribes. It was published in "Bamaaracha" (Issue No. 250, Sept. 1981, Pages 18, 19, 54). I am sending you enclosed a copy of the article, which might interest you.

My wife, Grace, who was born and grew up in England, wrote a poem inspired by the present situation in Israel, which was published in the Jerusalem Post. Although she has always done a lot of prose writing - articles and speeches - this was her first poem and was a spontaneous reaction to the often depressing coverage by the media. I am sending you a copy, as I feel you would identify with the sentiments it expresses.

Shlomo Dayan,
Former Israel Ambassador to Nepal


Many thanks for your letter and enclosures, which came to our attention as we were reviewing material for the 2003 issue of The Scribe.

The Bar Mitzvah sermon had in fact been translated into English and appeared on page 18 issue No. 63 of The Scribe.

I liked Grace's moving poem (which appears below) and I hope that events in Iraq will eventually result in better conditions for Israel and the region as a whole. I have always maintained that the Israel- Palestinian problem is in fact a regional problem. It appears that George W has got the message.

Naim Dangoor



In the midst of the conflict - I sought a moment of calm.
A favoured coffee-shop beckoned
But a bag lay under a Seat - causing me to wonder

The flowers of Yemin Moshe called to me
But an armoured patrol-car was parked there - causing me to wonder.

Perhaps I'd see that film I'd read about
But extra Guards were posted at the door,
Checking bags with unaccustomed vigilance- and causing me to wonder.

Then I remembered...

London in the 'forties
I, a child of six, woken with my sister in darkest night - no lights allowed
The skies an angry red from bombing raids
Tile struggle for sleep in strange, underground shelters.
Later, those terrible moments
When overhead V.I's paused in their deathly flight.

But, through it all - the jokes, the songs, the laughter
The radio skits helping us to see the funny side.
My parents, who protected us from future harm
With calm faith and determined hope.
Above all - the peoples dogged resolve
That 'they' would not rule our lives.

Jerusalem in 1967 - and we again in shelters
Now I, the parent, must keep my children safe, unscathed by fear.
I hear again the jokes, the songs, the laughter
The people's resolve that 'they' would not rule our lives.

It's hard to smile when bullets fly
To step out bravely when danger lurks
That strength will come when we resolve
That 'they' shall not rule our lives.

I saw the film...
I drank my coffee...
I sat in the park....

I had found my moment of calm.

Grace Dayan



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