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06th November 2002
Dear Mr. Dangoor,

I am a Shi'ite Muslim who grew up in Baghdad and I have fond memories of the magnificent Jewish Community that was so prominent and influential at the time. I remember vividly our Jewish neighbours and how my mother used to send me to switch on the lights and heating (for shabat) for the late Rabbi Daoud Hayim, and others in the neighbourhood. I am fascinated and full of admiration for the history and contribution of this community and, to satisfy my curiosity, I even travelled to Israel and spent many happy days meeting the emigrants from Iraq. During my visit I videotaped and chronicled their daily life and their longing for Iraq more than 50 years on!
I have written many articles and made presentations of my visit to the Arab community in England. I have many close friends within the community, such as the respected Ustath, Mr. Meir Basri, Mr. Daoud Khalastchy, Mr. Shaul Sasson, and even in business I chose Mr. Edwin Shuker as my partner.
My purpose in writing this letter to your esteemed publication, of which I am an avid reader, is to implore you not to allow the culture and contribution of your community to disappear within this generation and to ensure that you transit as much of it as possible to your children and grandchildren.
Even if most of you have no intention of returning to the motherland, you owe it to your ancestors, those pillars who helped shape Iraq and its history, to perpetuate at least in exile this glorious past.
Anyone interested in being active and meeting with the Iraqi exiles from other religions and races, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or through The Scribe.

Mr. Dia Kashi

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