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I would like to thank you for the opportunity that you gave me to tell my story at your magazine (issue no. 75).

I was shocked of what I read at your magazine ‘issue no. 9 Jan/Feb 1973, under The Baghdad Hangings by G.C.B. “One of the prisoners, Jack Atrakchi, was forced to lie on the ground and a truck was driven over him which crushed him into paste, before the eyes of other victims. Thus the authorities could obtain any ‘confession’ they desired.” I know it is about thirty years since you published this article. My question is: who is G.C.B, and where can I find more information of what happened there?

This is the first time I hear this story.

Charly Atrakchi
Son of Jack (Jacob) Atrakchi, of Blessed Memory Israel


G.C.B. is Gourji C Bekhor (deceased) who published a book called “Fascinating Life and Sensational Death”.

We have passed your request onto his daughter, Carmen Gabra, who will take up this matter.

Charly Atrakchi’s reply:

Thank you for your e-mail. I will try to find this book here in Israel.



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