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From the Guild of Jewish Journalists Authors and Writers
I should appreciate your reaction and advice on a project now being considered by the Guild's National Executive.
We wish to initiate, join or take part in, a campaign to raise awareness of the position of Jews ejected from Arab lands since 1948.
Many Guild members have professional experience and skills in campaigning for Jewish causes. This Guild project could, for example, benefit organisations, which have already embarked on campaigns described above, or are now contemplating doing so. Our participation could be a step towards their pursuing claims for compensation and reparation.
If you feel the project has merit, I look forward to learning your reaction and, possibly to discussing it with you in due course.
D L Yadin

I think you are thirty years late. As far as the Jews of Iraq are concerned, we are now working on reviving Jewish life in that country, which will be good for the whole region, including Israel



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