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I don't find in your writings the future of the Arabs or Islam. The goal of Islam is jihad until all lands they once held are restored and a nation of Islamic law rule.
The Scriptures tell the future of Israel, their restoration of the Kingdom and their place as the head of nations under the rule of God, with all the lands they once held at the time of David and Solomon.
Can you clarify?

James W Maycock, Mobile, Al

Forget about the Land once held at the time of David and Solomon. Things have moved on since then. The aim of Judaism is to spread knowledge of the One True God. At the time of David and Solomon the Jews were alone; now the majority of mankind acknowledges and worships the One True God - the God of Israel.
Religion is a human institution: all those who acknowledge and worship the One True God are equal in the sight of Heaven and Should be treated as equal in every respect.
There is no need to re-build Solomon's Temple, which lasted only 300 years. The second Temple lasted 500 years. When the Moslems conquered Jerusalem they offered the site of the Temple to be re-built by the Jews, who refused to take it. Then the Moslem conquerors waited fifty years - the Jubilee period of the Bible, after which land reverts to the authority Of the State. It was then that the Dome of the Rock was built by King Abdul Malik; that is the re-built Temple of King Solomon, which should now be open to Moslems, Jews and Christians and to all others who acknowledge the One True God.
It is now for the Muslims to make the next move. Their leaders should declare that the Dome Of The Rock is the historic temple to the One True God, and invite the Jews and the Christians as well as all other believers to participate there in a combined act of worship.

N E Dangoor
Editor and Publisher of The scribe - Journal of Babylonian Jewry Exilarch, in the line of King David and King Solomon



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