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Letters from Readers:

Agassi Family Tree

The Grandson of Rabbi Shimon Agassi, named after the Great Rabbi, has published a family tree of the Agassi family. This may serve as a model for others who want to preserve their roots.

He went through a great labour to realise this project. The site is:

Mr Shimon Agassi's e-mail address in Israel is:


This family tree was firstly built 25 years ago by HARASHB"A's youngest son, my father, the late Eliyahu Agassi Z'L. I, Shimon Agassi, (named after HARASHB"A), updated the family tree during the last few months, and published it in this website.

I dedicate this website to the memory of my honourable Grandfather, and to the memory of my beloved late parents, Eliyahu and Ada.

You are encouraged to e-mail to me any comments or requests for more information.

Click in the "Agassi Family Tree Links" to see the Agassi's Family Tree. Please be patient when waiting for the internet, since the pictures are quite large...

Last Updated: 07-Aug-2002.


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