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I am running a project of searching the Shanghai lost Jewish tombstones. I will be happy to send you the details about this project. So far we found about 50 tombstones and we know of at least 20 more. Among them I found few Sepharadi - Baghdadian tombstones as follows:

Rima Moses born India 1879, died Shanghai 1932
Solomon Reuben Minny, born Hong Kong 1866, died Shanghai 1922
Sara Delbourgo, passed away in 1931
Albert Eduard Man....(family name is broken as other details)
Sol other details
I found the tombstone of Zitta Samuels, a 15 month old child that passed away in Shanghai in 1940. No Jewish symbols on the stones so I am not sure if it is a Jewish one. Do you have any idea? Did you know Samuels Family in Shanghai?

After collecting those stones we wish to restore them and to present them in Shanghai, in a book and a website, so any information can be good for that matter.

Dvir Bar-Gal

Second letter:

I heard that the Moses had a big house and gardens in the former Av. Heige. Do you remember the house number or how to find it? I believe now it is Hua Shan Road where I live down this road. In the upper part closer to the centre there are many old beautiful houses and I wish to know which was the Moses?


The address of the Moses House is: 422 Avenue Haig. A picture taken in the Moses House Garden of leading Sephardi Shanghai families appeared in a previous copy of The Scribe (issue no. 53, page 11) . The Abraham house was in The Bubbling Well Road, Shanghai.





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