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I live in Israel, but was born in Prague Czchech Rep.
I am born a Sassoon. From my very early childhood I have been told that I am of the Sassoon's dynasty. My father was making researches about the Sassoon family. Being born in Austria (his ancestors came from Turkey) he wanted to know his roots.
Before WWII my father went to London to study the matter and he found that he was a direct successor of the Sassoon Banker.
On my part, after long researches I found here a Prof., by the name of Abraham Ben-Yaacov who wrote about the Sassoons, my family is not included in the Family Tree. Furthermore, there are lots of Sassoons here who don't belong to this special line of the Sassoon Banker, which I belong to.
As far as I know almost all Sassoon delt with textiles (including those who went to India). My father Shemarya Robert son of Manachem & Luna Sassoon dealt with textiles for a short time. His father and himself were antiquers in Eastern Europe. They were specialised in Oriental Carpets, they were much appreciated for their skills and were famous.
I will be much obliged if you can/will provide me with some more information on
the matter.

Leora Sassoon

The Sassoon family tree mentioned in our magazine is complete. Unless you can relate to one of the persons mentioned in that family tree, we think that you cannot be part of the same Sassoons, After the Sassoon family became famous, many people with the Hebrew name "Sasson" improved their name by adding another "o". The hairdresser, Vidal Sassoon, was originally "Sasson" from Turkey, and there are other families still changing their name in that way.


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