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22 October 2002

Dear Mr. Dangoor,

I read "The Scribe" Issue 75 with great interest and I compliment you on the tremendous effort that went into it. I also read your letter to me written in January, 1975 after the first Congress in Paris. Even though 27 years have passed there has been no change in principles or understanding.

Since 1987 1 have ceased to manage the affairs of WOJAC together with the late Leon Taman. We have always taken care to place emphasis on two things; One, that WOJAC should have branches in all the world's capitals and that its management should be a combination of Israelis and non-Israelis, because the claims were made by Jews from Arab lands, some Israelis and some not.

Our second emphasis was that if the Israeli government should come to an understanding with the Palestinians and the Arab countries that the demands of both the Palestinians and the Jews from Arab countries will be written off, then the State of Israel will assume the responsibility of compensating the Jewish claimants both in Israel and abroad.

I am happy to say that the U.S. government absorbed our explanation and
President Clinton, before he left office , stated that there would be established an international fund that would be provided by the Eight Great states, the Arab States and Israel and that this fund would individually compensate Jewish and Palestinian claimants. This is a reasonable solution that should be adopted.

With thanks and esteem. Mordechai Ben-Porat
Chairman of the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center



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