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The Struma

Thought I'd add a footnote from New Orleans. My daughter Rachel found the Struma story somewhat by accident. At that time she noticed the name was spelled Stoliar, not Stolier. She told me about it and I did an internet search and indeed was able to contact David.

My name is Alan Stolier. My grandfather Abraham Stolier (a tailor) emigrated from the Ukraine in the early 1900's escaping anti-Semitism. Until then I was unaware of anyone else in the USA with this name. Despite a lack of common origin I did contact David by email. He was unaware at that time of any relatives in Ukraine, and it has gone no further.

I wonder if the correct spelling is Stolier or Stoliar? It's intriguing how we search for our roots and when we discover even a glimmer or a slight crack in the door, it makes us feel that our lives are just a bit more complete.

Alan Stolier MD
Medical Director
Tansey Breast Center
Ochsner Clinic Foundation
New Orleans, LA



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