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UJIA Appeal

August 2002

Over the past year the UJIA (United Jewish Israel Appeal) has been doing its best to respond to the very specific needs in Israel caused by the ongoing terrorist atrocities. After the Seder night attack in Netanya, we decided to increase the intensity of our activity in order to ensure maximum possible support for both the survivors and the families of the victims of these attacks. We believe that this programme offers a real and practical way to help these people who are having to deal with the aftermath of these attacks on a daily basis.

The UJIA's Victim Support Fund has distributed over £1 million in the last four months to 155 Israeli terror victims and their families.

I do hope that you might be able to help us with a contribution.


While we wanted to offer some monetary support to the victims, it now appears that the Israeli Government is adequately taking care of that aspect.

The Exilarch's Foundation has now set up, instead, its own programme in Jerusalem providing packages of cooked rice and lentils to some 500 needy people a day, which has proved very popular. There is room for enlarging this project.


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