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Interesting reading, I'm a Pathan
But sorry, I am purely South East Asian with a hint of Central, Arab and Persian.
By the way, the reason Muslims in South East Asia, Central Asia, Persia, India and Northern Africa have light coloured eyes and hair is due to Alexander the Great exploits in Asia-
He dreamt of bringing Asians to Europe and Europeans to Asia and mixing the races...
But on the other hand we are related to the Semites because it was the Arabs who came to Afghanistan and India, and intermarried. We are of their descent- because the Arabs are purely Semitic and so we love the Semites.
The reason there's so much similarity between the cultural practices of Jews and Pathan, is because we follow Islam, and Islamic practices are also similar. What about our names- The names we have are all Arabic- Muslim with some Persian. Hebrew is the sister language of Arabic -both of Semitic origin.

Can you perhaps explain the origin of the name Mohammed- definitely not of Hebrew/Jewish origin. But on the other hand we are also of purely one and have the same blood and were Adamanian- sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.

Rashaad Amra.

We cannot explain the Hebrew origin of the name Mohammed, but we can explain the Hebrew origin of the name Makka. Makka is a Hebrew word which means stroke. It was the name given to that area after it was struck by meteorite 3000 years ago. That area was inhabited by people speaking Hebrew at the time of the Hebrew Empire of King David and King Solomon. That meteorite which is now covered by the Kaaba was the last remaining idol of Quraish. Mohammed destroyed all the other idols of Quraish but agreed to spare this one.
The word Arab is a Hebrew word and refers to that section of the Semetic race that stuck to their land, where as Abar, also a Hebrew word refers to another section to the Semetic race, who kept moving from place to place in search for better conditions. They were the ancestors of the Jewish people. King Amanullah Khan on his visit to Baghdad in 1925 admitted personally, that he was descended of the Jewish Tribe of Benjamin.