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Reuben Gubbay

From Lucien Gubbay

You asked to be kept informed of my progress in tracing my great-greatgreat grandfather Reuben Gubbay.

The discovery of an 1803 Levant Company document certifying that Reuben's two sons in Aleppo (the other was in Baghdad) had settled their late father's business affairs with his partner, Matlub Rahamim, revealed that Reuben died in Constantinople.

I then managed to locate his grave in the Kuzkuncuk cemetery of Istanbul. The inscription states that he died in 1799 and originally came from Baghdad. His father's name was Salah. So the search is now on for Salah Gubbay.

Can you suggest anything?

As my copy of the tombstone inscription is in very small print, I enclose an English translation made for me by Raphael Loewe (with added punctuation by me).

We are sending photocopies of 6 pages of Gubbay family tree of Baghdad in our records which may provide some clues.

Kuzkuncuk Cemetery, Istanbul

A man truly blessed, valiant indeed and of great achievements, a person once resident in the famous city of Baghdad, the renowned sage, his honour our master Reuben Bekhor Salah Gubbay, may his soul be bound up in the bond of life, who departed, respected by all, on 12th of (1st) Adar in the year 5559. May his rest be in glory.

He was a man whose intellect enfolded all aspects of knowledge. His was a choice mind that combined judgement with purpose, one held in honour by those of every nation who saw him. His was a household name amongst all ' for some time a highly respected resident in a land not his own.





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