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Thoughts and Afterthoughts
by Naim Dangoor

To President George W Bush:

One World
On 14 March 2003 when the Security Council failed to agree on a second resolution on Iraq, the United Nations Organisation became obsolete. It should now make way for a new body called One World! The sovereign nation state has come to an end!

After 56 years the UNO had outlived its usefulness. It was incapable of dealing with the new phenomenon of international terrorism and the threat from rogue states. This is the burning problem of today and the future.

The current debate is how Iraq should be governed after liberation - given back to meddling Iraqis or ruled indefinitely by an American Governor General? If the latter, for how long and on what basis? The answer is - indefinitely, and as a start for the One World doctrine.

The UN left every member state to arm itself. One World will have every state disarmed, starting with Iraq. Any new member should submit to total disarmament. One World will be the only body with arms.

Don't listen to Tony Blair on the future role of the UN in Iraq or on the road map for Palestine. As an Arabic saying goes; a wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.

The United States should remain in Iraq indefinitely on the basis of a new World Order, to replace the UN and to be known as One World.

The road map should cover the whole region of the Middle East, and not just Israel and Palestine.



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