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I have a few questions regarding the office of the Exilarch and Naim Dangoor.

1. I have heard that Dangoor's claim to the Exilarchate comes from the fact that he is the descendant of the original Exilarchs (586BC-1270CE) and therefore also the descendant of the King of Judah Jehoiachin. Therefore he is the descendant of David as well. Is this true?
2. Does the Exilarch or any of his relatives have any descendants (particularly male descendants) that continue the line of the Kings of Judah?
3. Since the war in Iraq no Jews now live in Babylon. Is this a signal that the first exile has truely ended? Does Dangoor have any plans to bring his seat of operations to Israel?
4. Miamonides said that Jews were required to rebuild the temple if a suitable Davidic ruler could be found. Does the Dangoor family agree with this or take it seriously? Is the Exilarch working towards or planning for the rebuilding of the Temple?
5. Do they have any plan to attempt to beyond the Exilarchate and claim the empty throne of Judah and Israel?
6. What is the Exilarch's Hebrew name? Does he have a special title such as ha- Davidi or ha-Juhudi or ha-nasi or ha-rosh or even ha-melech after the simple ''given name ben name of father".

I ask these questions mostly out of curiosity. I hope someone will explain these things to me.

Michael Passman,

Chicago University


1. As was stated in Time magazine 2 years ago, all Jews after 3,000 years can rightly claim to have inherited in some of King David's genes.
2. Very much so. He has sons and grandsons.
3. No - we are hoping to revive Jewish life in Iraq, which is our country of origin - being the birthplace of Avraham Aveenu and his tribe, and thus of the Jewish people as a whole.
4. The re-building of the temple is not the ultimate objective of the Exilarch. The Moshiach hopes to bring the whole human race to the acknowledgement and worship of G-d, regardless of religion, and can consider the structure over the old Temple site as being the re-built Temple. You may like to know that before the Moslems built that structure they offered the Site to the Jewish people, who refused to take it, and only after waiting 50 years did they commence to build the present Dome of the Rock. We do not aim to convert mankind to Judaism but to the worship of G-d, regardless of the different religions.
5. The Moshiach has his own agenda, which will become known in due course.
6. The Exilarch's future Hebrew name will be: "Sar Shalom", Prince of Peace.




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