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10 March 2003
Mr David Cohen

Dear Mr. Cohen

I note from the woman's UJIA Annual Luncheon brochure that, "Women's UJIA has raised a significant amount of money for soup kitchens in Jerusalem... Rabbi Abraham Israel, founder and director of the project, recently wrote to Joy Cohen and the members of the women's UJIA in warm appreciation of the money received. He plans to use it for a major project to open soup kitchens across Israel, serving up to 20,000 meals a day."
As Mrs Dangoor is a supporter of Women's UJIA, I am writing to find out how much money you are paying, especially as Hazon Yeshaya has been running my Foundation's own programme of providing cooked rice and lentils to the needy of Jerusalem since last august. At present we are paying Hazon Yeshaya at the rate of £30,000 per year for this facility.
I would like to know a) if our efforts are overlapping and b) if we can co-ordinate and extend our endeavours to providing increased soup kitchen facilities for the needy of Israel in these difficult times.

Naim Dangoor

11th March 2003

Dear Mr. Dangoor

Thank you for your letter.
The Women's UJIA Committee met Rabbi Abraham Israel on a mission last year and responded with a one-time campaign to support his work. Approximately £100,000 has been raised and the funds from this campaign are being transferred to Rabbi Israel in order to meet the pressing need to increase the number of soup kitchen facilities around Israel in these difficult times.
We are delighted that you have been able to support Hazon Yeshaya at this challenging time for those who are most in need in Eretz Yisrael
Thank you for your continued support of the UJIA

David Cohen

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