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My name is Karen Dingoor (Now Strauss) and I just read an interesting article about you in the Jerusalem Report. I happen to be on the same family tree as Hakham Ezra Dangoor hence must be related to you too. My parents Naji Solomon Dingoor and Rachel Moses- now Dingoor, were born in Bombay and moved to Sydney Australia.
I made Aliyah 13 years ago and now live in Jerusalem and work for…. the BBC Jerusalem Bureau.
I was wondering if you have an updated family tree.
I would love to meet you if you happen to be travelling to Jerusalem or else when next I'm in London.

We are interested in your family tree and would very much like to receive all the additional details that you can provide.
P.S. Dingoor or Dengoor is a more accurate way of pronouncing the family name.




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