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Thank you so very much for The Scribe magazine No. 75. I was so pleasantly surprised, because only two days before, I sent for the exact copy, which I saw at my brother Isaac's house. I didn't know what to think - how could you have mailed my order so quickly? Finally it dawned on me that you sent this yourself privately. I do so appreciate this, thanks again. I'll be very glad to write something about Shanghai and New York but please excuse me a little while as I'm leaving for Boca Raton, Florida, to my son Abe for two weeks vacation, after which I'll be more than happy to comply. I really enjoyed The Scribe especially the picture with the Prince of Wales. You deserve an accolade for your handling the role of editor and publisher. Keep up the good work! Thank you for preserving our culture.

Best wishes from Renée's old Shanghai classmate.

Cathy Hardoon
New York


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