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To the Editor of the Jewish Chronicle:

You recently printed details of the Soup Kitchen-growing activity in Israel to help the needy in the current situation, but you omitted to mention anything about our own activity in Jerusalem in this respect.

Last year The Exilarch's Foundation, which was established by Naim Dangoor with funds now totalling over £20 million examined the possibility of helping victims of terrorism in Israel. His plan was to grant 10,000 shekels to the families of every person killed by Palestinian terrorists. He was informed that the Israeli Government is adequately looking after the victims' families of both killed and wounded and so he introduced instead a programme offering cooked rice and lentils to the needy of Jerusalem.

Since last August some 600 bags of cooked rice and lentils of 1/2 kilo each, now increased to 1 kilogram each bag, is available to all-comers at the Soup Kitchen of Hazon Yeshaya in Jerusalem. This has proved very popular and it is intended to continue the programme and even expand it in due course.

In the last six months 35,000 bags have been distributed. This is a direct and efficient way of providing help to the needy of Israel's capital. Jerusalem is the poorest town in Israel with 22% of its population below the poverty line.

For many of the recipients this is the only food a whole family has for that day.


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