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I have recently paid a visit to the exhibition about Iraqi Jews held in the Jewish Museum. I was, and have for a long time, been struck by the injustice suffered by Jews from Arab lands who were dispossessed and their assets expropriated by the respective Arab Governments following the turmoil and hatred unleashed by the creation of Israel in 1948.

Due to the power and the influence of the Arab world and near monopoly of oil after Israel's creation, the Palestinian Arab refugees have been given undue prominence and their "plight", self-inflicted, is forever being raised whilst the corresponding rights and claims of Arab Jews have been deliberately forgotten and ignored. This is shameful especially as so many Arab countries are guilty of this oversight and as well as the rest of the international community.

Jillian Learman London


Thank you for your letter, and your comments have been appreciated, with which we agree entirely.

The start of the war in Iraq presents new opportunities both for making substantial claims for lost property as well as for re-organising the whole region. We are doing our best to promote both these objectives.



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