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Dear Naim

I would like to express my deep appreciation for your generous donation that you sent without even being requested to, for the sake of reviving the Iraqi Jewish music. To me it was a vote of confidence when I first embarked on my project that took me to London and NY in February 2003. Your remarkable deed has paved the way for others to positively respond to my request for donations.
As I have finally managed to establish "KANOON", Association for preserving the Iraqi Jewish music, your donation maintains a place of honour for being the first big check received. Once I am done with opening a bank account and providing the necessary documents, I will send you a receipt of 1000 sterling.
You have been an outstanding leader in the Iraqi community in Britain, promoted the Iraqi Jewish heritage not in Britain only but world wide also. You have earned a respectable status not only for your generosity but also for your persistence in seeking the Iraqi Jewish roots and highlighting them for the young generations. Finally I would like to mention that throughout the past years, Iraqi Jews everywhere including myself have been lucky to enjoy the "THE SCRIBE" for keeping them informed of what's going on in the community world wide.
Time has come to extend my appreciation to your loving sister Eileen who I really admire and thank for all the support she provided.

Linda Menuhin (Daughter of Yaacob Abdel Aziz)
Executive Director "KANOON"



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