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Letters to the Editor
A selection of short letters to The Scribe. more

Compensation for Jews from Arab countries
I do want to call your attention, Naim, to the matter of compensation for property. Before I resigned as Co-Chairman of WOJAC, I approved the decision that was published and sent to the Foreign Ministry of Israel. more

Dear Mr Dangoor, It is with pleasure that we are informing you that the General Assembly of WOJAC, in its meeting of 3.10.2000, elected the Honorable Moshe Shachal, former Cabinet Minister and Member of Knesset, as Chairman of the Presidium of the Organisation. more

From Kensington & Chelsea WIZO
I am writing to thank you most sincerely for your kind donation to our Summer Lunch and to tell you a little of why we are raising money for WIZO and where our money goes. more

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Two weeks ago, I met Zvi Gabay at the opening of an exhibition in Jerusalem. He told me about the journal on Babylonian Jewry The Scribe published by The Exilarch’s Foundation. I was truly happy and moved to get the latest issue of this journal which evoked fond memories of my childhood in Iraq which I left in 1942 and never went back. more

Media Bias Against Israel
The world community must be made aware of how biased the international media, chiefly CNN, the BBC, the New York Times and almost all the French and the British media are towards Israel. It has been a longstanding fact of life, and we have almost become accustomed to it. more

From Naim Mahlab
Going through my papers, I found a visa issued to my father in 1929 by the U.S. Consul in Baghdad. What intrigues me is how he managed to make the trip from Beirut to New York with no language skills other than Arabic. more

In Search of Roots
I read your web site and was wanting to initiate dialogue with you. I work with Dr Sidney Davis in a ministry where we are researching our Hebrew roots in Africa. more

The Babylonian Exilarchs
I am interested in the genealogy of the medieval Jewish Exilarchs and their descendants. more

From the Israeli Ambassador
Dear Mr Dangoor, I would like to thank you most sincerely for sending me a copy of The Scribe. The issues raised in the Journal of Babylonian Jewry present an important insight into Diaspora and indeed Israeli life. more

Lionel Blue's Non-Conversion
I’ve just visited your web page and read Lionel Blue’s account of why he did not become a Christian. more

Jews for Allah
I liked your site, especially your quote, "The Arab is our brother, there is no other". Would you like to exchange links? more

"Micha" Society for Deaf Children
I am the mother of Liran who has drawn a number of caricatures for "The Scribe". I am a volunteer of "Micha" association, which is a society for deaf children, founded by my late uncle, Dr Ezra Korine (of Baghdad). more

Hazon Yeshaya Soup Kitchens
I am a businessman from New York who moved to Jerusalem and started a small Humanitarian Project that has grown enormously. more

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