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The Babylonian Exilarchs

I am interested in the genealogy of the medieval Jewish Exilarchs and their descendants. Do any of the issues of the Journal of Babylonian Jewry published by the Exilarch’s Foundation contain this information, and, if so, how may I obtain the same?

David Hughes
North Carolina

Scribe: The Exilarch’s Tree of the middle ages appears in the Babylonian Haggadah published by the Exilarch’s Foundation and is as follows:

The ancient line of Exilarchs stopped in 1270 following the Mongol invasion of the Middle East. The line was restarted in 1970 by Naim Dangoor, exactly 700 years afterwards.


Can the ancestry of Mr Dangoor be traced from the medieval Jewish exilarchs without breaks? I read that Mr Dangoor revived the exilarchate. Does that mean that he is the recognised Royal Davidic heir? I do not know the traditions of the Dangoor family, but perhaps they are of royal Davidic descent but have lost their pedigree. I am writing a book on the subject - that is why I wanted to know more about the Dangoor family.

David Hughes


The fact is that at various times in Jewish history after attempted revolts and endeavours to reform our Nation all known descendants of King David were rounded up and massacred, both by the Persians as well as by the Romans.

However, as Time Magazine pointed out recently, after ten generations every ancestor would have some 1000 descendants. Thus after 100 generations every Jew must carry some of King David’s genes. This would even be more pronounced among Babylonian Jewry.

Modern claims to a direct descent from King David cannot be proved without a shadow of doubt.

In the meantime, any person who finds himself better qualified for the title is invited to come forward."


I was browsing the web in search of information on the office of the Exilarch.

Most modern references do not include reference to them by name.

I am pursuing my genealogy, and for anyone who has used "Royalty for Commoners" the link between the Exilarchs and European Royalty is through Theodoric of Septimania, aka Machir ben Habibai, who was Judiarch of Narbonne, etc;.

In your reply to Annessa Main or Lander, Wyoming, you offered to send "by post a copy of the Babylonian Haggadah where you will find on page 91 the earlier generations of Exilarchs and on page 90 all the previous kings to King David."

How could I trouble you for the same?

The lineage is a fascinating one. There is a connection of Rab Abba Arika of the academy in Sura, and of course it’s connection to David, and interestingly to the Sassanid house.

From what I have put together Theodoric Machir was the son of Habibai, son of Mar Natronai, son of Mar Nechemiah, son of Haninai bar ‘Adol, and ultimately to King David. Habibai’s mother was the daughter of Hisdai Shahrijar, who was the daughter of Exilarch Bustenai ben Hanina and Izdundad Sassanid, daughter of Yazdegerd III, the last of his dynasty.

I would like to learn more about the Exilarchs, their link to David and European Royalty, and I imagine you would be an authoritative source for this.

If this is possible, I’d be delighted to hear back from you.

Robert Stewart

Scribe: Above is the Exilarch's Tree as found in the Babylonian Haggadah

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