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From Baghdad to Boardrooms– My Family’s Odyssey
'From Baghdad to Boardrooms' is an excellent book on many levels. It took me almost no time to read, entertaining me with countless anecdotes, some amusing, some insightful, and some possessing both qualities at once. more

Real Wealth Creation
Stella Shamoon’s book ‘Real Wealth Creation’ is a simple and clear introduction to making the most of one’s money. more

A Tribute to Elie Kedourie
The above title, by Sylvia Kedourie, is a collection of essays published as a memorial for the fifth anniversary of the untimely death in 1992 of the celebrated Orientalist and scholar Prof. Elie Kedourie. He was Professor of Politics, specialist in the History of the Middle East at the London school of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the Founder and Editor of the well-known journal Middle Eastern Studies (1964), and the author and editor of many outstanding books on the Middle East. more

A Time to Be Born
During the gaonic period, Jews in Babylon used magic bowls to protect against a child-killing demon. Such bowls, excavated at Nippur, Mesopotamia, and dating approximately from the sixth to the eighth centuries, were buried under the threshold of houses for protective purposes. more

Constantine's Sword
I am attaching a copy of a book review that appeared in a recent issue of Time, and which you may find of interest. more

The Double Exodus
The most reliable estimate of the number of Arab men, women and children who left their homes in Palestine during 1948 was not more than 600,000. It was only the twelfth largest movement of refugees to take place since the end of World War II. more

Why were the Jews permitted to live – and be persecuted - another day?
The answer, provided in James Carroll’s fascinating book, is St Augustine. In the year 425, shortly after Christians slaughtered the Jews of Alexandria in the first recorded pogrom, that influential Church further cautioned, "Do not slay them. more

New Shanghai
Shanghai, perched on the southern coast of China, is known as one of the world’s largest cities. But until recently, it was also known as one of the sleepiest, a far cry from the laissez-faire energy of its colonial past. more

When the Grey Beetles Took Over Baghdad
Mona Yahia’s novel is the story of the life of Lina, a young Jewish girl growing up during the 60’s in Baghdad, at a time of great instability for the Jewish community. more

'Look Up and Dream'
"....That is the recurring theme of Robert Rietti’s engaging reminiscences "Look Up and Dream". Time and again he tells us of occasions in which the hand of God seems to have been directing the affairs of man. more

The Maqam Music Tradition of Iraq
Mr Y Kojaman has just published his new book on Iraqi Maqam Music, a subject in which the author is a leading authority. more

A Rabbi Talks with Jesus
This learned author had written a detailed "history of the Jews in Babylonia" in six volumes, as well as many other books, including The Theology of the Oral Torah. more

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