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Real Wealth Creation

by Stella Shamoon

Orion Business Books
ISBN No. 0-75282-111-3
Published in 1999 210 pp

Reviewed by Anna Dangoor

Stella Shamoon’s book ‘Real Wealth Creation’ is a simple and clear introduction to making the most of one’s money.

For someone who until recently thought that ‘derivatives’ were things you only came across in Physics, the explanatory style of this book was perfect.
Stella spends a great deal of time convincing her reader that everyone and anyone is able to manipulate their finances to better advantage. I have to say that at first I was sceptical, but Stella’s firm words of encouragement eventually did their magic, and urges to subscribe to the Financial Times and start investing my student loan immediately, were difficult to quell.

This book is straightforward, easy to follow, and not just aimed at those of us who are still mere babes in the world of finance. Stella’s plan can be adapted for any age, and any means. If you have an income you have investment power, it may just need coaxing out of you.

One thing Stella does not pretend is that achieving financial ‘fitness’ will be easy. ‘It’s like a diet’ she writes, requiring a great deal of discipline, and only worthwhile if one has a reasonable long-term goal. So throw out your Slimfast, stop losing the pounds, and start gaining them!







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