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Elijah's Chair
The Brit Milah of the first grandson of Rabbi Dr Abraham and Estelle Levy, the son of Julian and Sian Isaac, was celebrated last February at the Lauderdale Synagogue to a gathering of over 200 guests. On that occasion the Chair of Elijah which was donated by the Smouha family was first used. more

The Hilda Sofaer Centre
Edinburgh House, our own Spanish and Portuguese Residential Care Home for the elderly, is a registered charity which was established in 1747 and is one of the oldest Jewish charities in the UK. It provides accommodation and care for Jewish men and women, with facilities for religious observance.

Congratulations to Mordechai Ben Porat
Congratulations to Iraqi born Mordechai Ben Porat who was one of three recent recipients of the Israel Prize. The other two were, Yitzhak Shamir 86 and Abba Eban 86.

Regarding "The Elias Family" (issue 73)
I am writing to report a story which I heard from my late grandfather of Baghdad, Yossef Nissim, in relation to an invitation made by his father-in-law Yahya Dahood Nissan, for a party in his house honouring Abdalla Eliyahoo on the occasion of his visit to Baghdad. more

Regarding the marriage of the parents of General Khaled AL-ZAHAWI
The letter of Ms Z. Zahawi showed a sincere and serious interest in searching for facts, in contrast to the typical attitudes of other persons in similar cases who disregard the past, ignore it and against all logic do consider even yesterday a day of an era already passed. more

I take pleasure in sending you herewith a valuable picture which I treasured for scores of years now, of the late Rabbi and which I find as a necessary complement to the article. more

My two outstanding cousins
I feel very blessed and humble to be able to claim two outstanding individuals among my close relatives. Let me share with you some insight into their lives. Both combine exemplary morals, with a high degree of intelligence. more

American Friends of the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Centre, Inc.
The Babylonian Jewrry Heritage Center intends to preserve the memory, the cultural heritage, and the history of the Iraqi Jewish community. more

98 and still working
Ezra Belboul (Lev) continues working at the Ministry of Defence at the age of 98. He was born in Baghdad in 1903. more

The Cellar Club
In 1970 the younger members of the Iraqi Community in London established their own club – The Cellar Club. more

The Late David Bershanpour
David Bershanpour was born in Baghdad in 1918. He was a man of immense charm, charisma and a sense of humour. more

Why not try a rose with your prose?
Say it with poetry and flowers seems to be the idea behind a fresh display in a South Kensington shop. more

Shaoul Sasson's new book
Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks invited Mr Shaoul Sasson to his home to congratulate him on his book in which Mr Sasson described his ordeals for one year in the hands of the Iraqi authorities. more

Natalie starting her life in England
Natalie starting her life in England. Dr Amira Nassim left Baghdad ten years ago and started a long process of getting established in the UK. more

Naim Dangoor with Chancellor Gordon Brown
Lord Rothschild, President of the Institution for Jewish Policy Research, organised a fund-raising last June at 11 Downing Street, official home of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, to which 130 guests attended. more

Elkebir Family Tree
Descendants of Heskel Elkebir (1740-1816) son of Abraham Nissim Shellim Saleh David Gubbay. more

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