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Elkebir Family Tree

Descendants of Heskel Elkebir (1740-1816)
son of Abraham Nissim Shellim Saleh David Gubbay
(*see note at end of tree)

Heskel ELKEBIR (1740-1816) married 1st, the daughter of Jacob Aaron Gubbay of the SHEIKH ELIEZER family, and had issue; wife and children died in Basrah.
He married 2ndly, wife from the ADES family of Aleppo and had issue (A.1-A.7)

A.1 Aslan Heskel ELKEBIR (1780-1800), m. and had issue

B.1 Meir (1800-1887) m. 1824 Habiba dau of Rahmim ABDULEZER, and had issue

C.1 Aslan
C.2 Saleh
C.3 Heskel
C.4 Jacob
C.5 Shaul

A.2 Isaac m. and had issue

B.2 Jacob m. and had issue

C.6 Abdullah m. and had issue

D.1 Ezra

C.7 daughter m. 1859 son of Eliahu ben Heskel Menahem

A.3 Shoua Heskel ELKEBIR m. Mazaltov (Muzli Toba) SOMEKH, sister of
H. Abdullah Somekh, and had issue (B.3-B.8)

B.3 Heskel Shoua Heskel ELKEBIR known as Ezekiel ABRAHAM (1824-1896) m. 1853 Aziza (1839-1897) dau of Sir Albert (Abdullah) SASSOON, Bt. and had issue (C.8-C.19)

C.8 Flora (Farha) (1856-1936) m. 1876 her half-great-uncle and 2nd cousin, Solomon David SASSOON (C.50), and had issue

D.2 Rachel (1877-1952) m. 1912 Sir David EZRA (BAHER) (1871- 1947) (no issue)

D.3 David SASSOON (1880-1942) m. 1912 Selina (1883-1969) dau of Maurits PRINS of Amsterdam and had issue

E.1 Flora (b.1914) m. Oscar FEUCHTWANGER (issue)
E.2 Rabbi Solomon SASSOON (1915-1985) m. Alice BENJAMIN (issue)

D.4 Mozelle (1884-1921) unmarried; writer of diary of visit to Baghdad in 1910 with her mother, sister and brother published in this issue

C.9 Ronnie (Aaron) GUBBAY (1960-1931) m. Elizabeth (d.1944) dau of Emanuel EMANUEL (no issue)

C.10 Kate (Khatoun) (1861-1929) m. 1880 her 1st cousin, Jacob Elias JUDAH (MATUQ) (C.29) and had issue

D.5 David (1881- ) m. Miriam (Mary) and had issue

E.3 Jacob
E.4 Rachel
E.5 Naomi

D.6 Solomon (1882 - ) m. his 1st cousin once removed, Rebecca (C.22) dau of Nahoum Shoua Heskel ELKEBIR (no issue)

D.7 (Eliahu) Ellis (1891-1939) m. Sophie (no issue)

C.11 Rachel (1862-1904) m. Charles (Saleh) NISSIM (1845-1918), 2nd son of Meir MOSES, and had issue

D.8 Meyer NISSIM (1882-1959), Mayor of Bombay, m. Flo HOWARD (no issue)

C.12 David ABRAHAM (1863-1945) m. 1885 Mozelle (1869-1954) dau of Ezra MOSES, eldest son of Meir MOSES (and sister of Aaron MOSES see D.56); see photograph of family group in The Scribe 53 (April 1992), 11; and had issue

D.9 Reuben (Ruby) ABRAHAM (1888-1968) m. 1910 Mozelle (Maisie) dau of Joseph HAYIM and Hanini Sassoon Benjamin Sassoon, and had issue

E.6 Ezekiel unmarried
E.7 Aziza m. Selim MOALLEM (issue)
E.8 Jo Hayim m. (issue)
E.9 Isaac (Jack)

C.13 Abraham (1866-1936) m. 1894 his 1st cousin, Rachel (C.23) dau of Nahum Shoua Heskel ELKEBIR and had issue

D.10 Ezekiel unmarried

D.11 Aline unmarried

C.14 Rebecca (1870-1929) m. her 2nd cousin, Sasson Silman SOMEKH (1872-1944) (no issue)

C.15 Dina (1871-1940) m. 1895 Ezekiel Hayim MOSHE and had issue

D.12 Hayim HAYIM (b.1897) m. Aline (E.37) (b.1901) dau of Aaron Ezra MOSES and had issue

E.10 Basil
E.11 Derek
E.12 Roy

D.13 Rachel (d.1995) unmarried

D.14 Lydia (Aziza) (1909-1989) m. Ezra Eliahu Rahmim SHAHMOON and had issue

E.13 Sassoon (Dick)
E.14 Rebecca
E.15 Dinah

C.16 Simha (1873-1910) unmarried

C.17 Sarah (1874-1909) m. Manasseh Saleh MANASSEH and had issue

D.15 Aziza (1903-1923) unmarried

D.16 Heskel died in infancy

D.17 Abdullah Albert MANASSEH (1907-1991) m. Rachel dau of Reuben Eliahu ANI and had issue

E.16 Jacob Eliahu (Jack)
E.17 Sarah

C.18 Joseph GUBBAY (1876-1962) unmarried

C.19 Ezra ABRAHAM (1880-1963) m. 1909 Hannah (1883-1965) dau of Joseph NISSIM (MOSES) and had issue

D.18 Ezekiel m. (no issue)

D.19 Aziza m. and had issue

E.18 Rachel Leah m. Fred HEMI

D.20 Meyer unmarried

D.21 Rachel m.

D.22 David unmarried

D.23 Sarah (1911-1990) m. and had issue

D.24 Sophie died in infancy

D.25 Emma died in infancy

D.26 son died in infancy

D.27 Ellis, newspaper editor, unmarried

B.4 Yehuda Shoua Heskel ELKEBIR (b.1830) m. Leah dau of Abdullah SHLOMO and had issue (C.20-C.21)

C.20 Barukh (1855-1920) m. his 1st cousin once removed, Habiba (C.35) dau of Elias JUDAH (MATUQ) and had issue

D.28 Sion unmarried

D.29 Eliahu Haim (1885-1932) m. Lulu Ezra Isaac Silas Sh. SASSOON

D.30 Saleh Yehuda m. his cousin, Katie SHAHMOUN (E.25)

D.31 Khedouri (b.1895)

D.32 Aziza (b.1880) m. Abraham-Haim Reuben SOMEKH (1850- 1930) and had issue

E.19 Gourgi SOMEKH m. Naima dau of David Aaron SOMEKH
E.20 Abdullah SOMEKH
E.21 Naim SOMEKH
E.22 Khatoun m. Shaul MASRIE
E.23 Mazli m. Jacob Abraham ABOUDI
E.24 Naima (d.1991) m. Ghali Saleh SHAMASH (d.1986)

D.33 Khatoun (b.1892) unmarried

D.34 Blanche (Simha) (b.1898) m. Khedouri Ezra ASHER

C.21 Shaul (1857-1920) m. and had issue

D.35 Ezra (b.1890)

D.36 Mazli (b.1894) unmarried

D.37 Rachel (b.1895) unmarried

B.5 Nahoum Shoua Heskel ELKEBIR (d.1906) m. dau of Heskel ben Joseph Ezra BAHER, and had issue (C.22-C.24)

C.22 Rebecca m. her 1st cousin once removed, Solomon Jacob Elias JUDAH (MATUQ) (D.6) (no issue)

C.23 Rachel m. 1894 her 1st cousin, Abraham Ezekiel ABRAHAM (C.13) and had issue (see husband)

C.24 Sophie m. DAVID

B.6 Shlomo m. Simha (d.1897) dau of Isaac HAYIM

B.7 Rima (1826-1886) m. Shlomo Reuben ABOUDI and had issue (C.25-C.28)

C.25 Sion ABOUDI

C.26 Reuben ABOUDI

C.27 Aziza (Messouda) (d.1951) m. her 2nd cousin, Saleh Heskel-Ezra ELKEBIR (C.37) and had issue (see husband)

C.28 Farha m. Heskel Ezra Elisha SASSOON known as “3 Es Sassoon” and had issue

D.38 Jacob SASSOON

B.8 Hannah (1828-1921) m. Elias JUDAH (MATUQ) and had issue (C.29-C.36)

C.29 Jacob Elias JUDAH (MATUQ) m. 1880 his 1st cousin, Kate (Khatoun) (C.10) dau of Ezekiel ABRAHAM and had issue (see wife)

C.30 Yehuda m. dau of Shamaoun Silman

C.31 Abraham m. Habiba dau of R. Moshe HAIM, brother of H. Joseph HAIM, and had issue

D.39 Menashe

D.40 Naima

D.41 Salman

D.42 Farha

D.43 Naim JAVID m. Marcelle dau of Reuben SOMEKH (issue)

C.32 Shoua m. Rebecca dau of Heskel Shoua

C.33 Khatoun m. as his 1st wife, Silman David SOMEKH and had issue

D.44 David SOMEKH

D.45 Serah (1872-1967) m. Elia Rahmim SHAHMOUN and had issue

E.25 Katie m. her cousin, Saleh Yehuda (D.30)

C.34 Simha

C.35 Habiba m. her 1st cousin once removed, Barukh Shoua Heskel ELKEBIR (C.20) and had issue (see husband)

C.36 Rebecca

A.4 Abraham Heskel ELKEBIR (1790-1873) m. Mazaltov dau of Sh. Saleh Sh. ELIEZER and had issue, an only child

B.9 Heskel-Ezra (1828-1891) m. Aziza Matuk SHAHRBANI (1844-1908) and had issue (C.37-C.45)

C.37 Saleh (c.1860-1932); see photograph of family group in The Scribe 71 (April 1999), 21; m. his 2nd cousin, Aziza (Messouda) (C.27) dau of Shlomo Reuben ABOUDI and Rima ELKEBIR, and had issue (D.46- D.53)

D.46 Muzli (1882-1929) m. Zeghair Heskel SHABI and had issue

E.26 Farha
E.27 Renee

D.47 Farha m. Naji Jacob SHAUL

D.48 Habiba m. Shaul H. Sasson SMOUHA (LEVY) and had issue

E.28 Sasson LEVY

D.49 Abraham ELKABIR, OBE (1885-1973); Director-General of Finance at Baghdad for over 20 years: m. Renee ELIAS and had issue

E.29 Jemil
E.30 Aida m. HOUGIE

D.50 Matuk (b.1887) died

D.51 Heskel (1891-1969)

D.52 Salman (b.1895) m. Simha dau of Abraham Meir SOMEKH and had issue (3 daus)

D.53 Joseph (b.1897)

C.38 Meir (b.1860) m. Naima RABIE

C.39 Isaac (b.1863) m.

C.40 Jacob (b.1866) m. Habiba

C.41 Joseph (b.1869)

C.42 Hannah m. David Jacob NAHOM

C.43 Simha m. Heskel SHABI

C.44 Farha m. ABDULEZER

C.45 Khatoun m. Joseph RASHI

A.5 Rahma m. David BENJAMIN

A.6 Khatoun m. SHELLIM and had issue (B.10-B.11)

B.10 Heskel SHELLIM m. and had issue (C.46)

C.46 Shellim E. SHELLIM (1845-1912) m. 1866 his 2nd cousin, Rebecca (C.53) dau of David SASSOON and had issue

D.54 Kate (1868-1912) m. Aubrey J. DAVID and had issue

E.31 Evelyn (1886-1946)
E.32 Meyer Archibald (b.1887)
E.33 Villiers (b.1890)
E.34 Vere Mozelle (b.1892) m. as his 1st wife, Sir Percival DAVID, 2nd Bart (1892-1964) (brother of Louise DAVID see

D.57) (issue - one daughter Katherine Viola Monica b.1914, m. William Frederick TAYLOR)

D.55 Eddie SHELLIM (1869-1928) m. ..... GROSSMAN

D.56 Flora (1876-1965) m. Aaron MOSES (1873-1946) son of Ezra MOSES (and brother of Mozelle wife of David ABRAHAM C.12); see photograph of family group in The Scribe 53 (April 1992), 11; and had issue

E.35 Lionel MOSES (b.1898)
E.36 Sybil (b.1900) m. Maurice DANGOOR (issue Renée Rebecca, Joyce Esther, Edward Ezra Sasson)
E.37 Aline (b.1901) m. Hayim HAYIM (D.12) and had issue (see husband)
E.38 Winnie m. Ezekiel TOEG (no issue)
E.39 Cyril MOSES (b.1907) m. Jennie TOEG (issue)

D.57 David SHELLIM (1877-1941) m. Louise (b.1882) dau of Sir Sassoon Jacob Hai DAVID, 1st Bart (and sister of Sir Percival DAVID see E.34) and had issue

E.40 Stella Diana (1905-1939) m.1927 Eric BENJAMIN (no issue)

B.11 Salha m. SHAHRBANI

A.7 Rifka m. Faraj HAYIM and had issue

B.12 Flora (Farha) (1814-1886) m. as his 2nd wife, David SASSOON (1792- 1864) son of Sh. Sasson ben Saleh and had issue (C.47-C.56) - (for details see Sassoon family tree in The Scribe 66 (Sept 1996), 48-49)

C.47 Sassoon David SASSOON (1832-1967) m. Flora REUBEN (issue)

C.48 Reuben SASSOON (1835-1905) m. Kate EZEKIEL (issue)

C.49 Arthur SASSOON (1840-1912) m. Louise PERUGIA (no issue)

C.50 Solomon SASSOON (twin) (1841-1894) m. 1876 his half-great-niece and 2nd cousin, Flora (C.8) dau of Ezekiel ABRAHAM and had issue (see wife)

C.51 Aaron SASSOON (twin) (1841-1907)

C.52 Kate (1844- ) m. Solomon EZEKIEL (issue)

C.53 Rebecca (1847-1918) m. her 2nd cousin, Shellim E. SHELLIM (C.46) and had issue (see husband)

C.54 Simha (1850-1857)

C.55 Frederick SASSOON (1853-1917) m. Jeanette RAPHAEL (issue)

C.56 Mozelle (1855-1952) m. Jacob Meyer HYEEM (issue)


*Note. Heskel Elkebir was descended from Saleh David Gubbay who seems to be the same Saleh David Gubbay ancester of the Sassoon family

The above Family Tree was compiled by Miss Lydia Collins from the following sources:
The archives of Mr Naim Dangoor and information supplied by the late Abraham Elkabir OBE,
the late Albert Manasseh, and Mrs Rachel Hemi

If you would like to make any comments or contribute to The Scribe please contact us.