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The Late David Bershanpour

Remembered by a friend

David Bershanpour was born in Baghdad in 1918. He was a man of immense charm, charisma and a sense of humour. In England I got to know him well and found him, in the words of Rabbis, a man who loved peace and pursued it. He always provided me with advice in many different aspects of my work and his advice was sought after, since it was always sound.

He came to be highly respected in our community, and he always showed respect for others.

When an individual honours another it ennobles the giver more than the receiver. But above all else, his family meant a tremendous amount to him and he was the much loved husband of Louise and a loving father, and grandfather to Rhonda, Lydia, David and Daniel.

We mourn a good friend who went through life helping many people.

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