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Congratulations to Mordechai Ben Porat

Congratulations to Iraqi born Mordechai Ben Porat who was one of three recent recipients of the Israel Prize. The other two were, Yitzhak Shamir 86 and Abba Eban 86. Mr Ben-Porat was cited for his work in the Hagana and later risking his life while organising a wave of immigration from Iraq, which brought some 120,000 Jews to Israel from 1949-1951.

Later he served as head of the Or Yehuda local Council then as a Knesset Member and Cabinet Minister in the 1980’s. Ben Porat, who also founded a centre for Iraqi Jewish heritage, was cited for having contributed to Zionist education, love and protection of his homeland.

Recently the Hahagana Street in Or Yehuda was re-named the Ben Porat Avenue in his honour.
















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