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The Hilda Sofaer Centre

Edinburgh House, our own Spanish and Portuguese Residential Care Home for the elderly, is a registered charity which was established in 1747 and is one of the oldest Jewish charities in the UK. It provides accommodation and care for Jewish men and women, with facilities for religious observance. The current building, situated in Wembley, was opened in November 1977. After many years of heavy use it required upgrading and refurbishment, to enable continuing the provision of the best possible levels of comfort and service, which the residents, families, carers, volunteers and staff alike so richly deserve.

The construction work commenced in January 2000, at a cost of £1,100,000. It could not be funded by the government or the local authorities and therefore an appeal to provide the funds was made to Trusts, Foundations and members of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews community, who gave significant support, and the balance was pledged by Elias Sofaer and his family in memory of his late wife Hilda, whose untimely death shocked the Community.

The whole complex therefore is being named The Hilda Sofaer Centre and comprises the refurbished Edinburgh House plus additional bedrooms and facilities as well as a conservatory and a new physiotherapy room.












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