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A Rabbi Talks with Jesus

by Rabbi Professor Jacob Neusner

McGill - Queen’s University Press
Montreal & Kingston - London - Ithaca
161 pp paperback

This learned author had written a detailed "history of the Jews in Babylonia" in six volumes, as well as many other books, including The Theology of the Oral Torah. He is now a distinguished research professor of religious studies at the University of South Florida and professor of religion, Bard College, New York.

Neusner explains why the Sermon on the Mount would not have convinced him to follow Jesus and why he would have continued to follow the teaching of Moses. He explores the reasons Christians believe in Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven, while Jews continue to believe in the Torah of Moses and a kingdom of priests and holy people on earth.

This imaginary dialogue is conducted in a spirit of friendliness and respect for the others’ belief, free of intolerance and intentional misunderstanding.






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