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Media Bias Against Israel

The world community must be made aware of how biased the international media, chiefly CNN, the BBC, the New York Times and almost all the French and the British media are towards Israel. It has been a longstanding fact of life, and we have almost become accustomed to it.

But on a recent visit to Europe, and the spate of serious anti-Semitic attacks, including the burning of synagogues (8 in France, with 26 more failed attempts, and attacks even in Britain!) have convinced me, and others I spoke with, that we are facing a much graver situation now. The media is not only waging a war on Israel, but on the Jewish people. By presenting Israelis as wilful murderers of children it reawakens old atavistic anti-Jewish attitudes that in the past resulted in terrible tragedies. Urgent measures should be taken to counteract this media bias.

Daniel Doron
The Israel Center for Social & Economic Progress

Scribe: There is no doubt that Arab oil money plays an important part in swaying the sympathies of radio, television and the press. A massive budget is necessary to put matters right. This is not an easy task.










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