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"Micha" Society for Deaf Children

I am the mother of Liran who has drawn a number of caricatures for "The Scribe". I am a volunteer of "Micha" association, which is a society for deaf children, founded by my late uncle, Dr Ezra Korine (of Baghdad). Dr Ezra Korine dedicated his life to research and worked for the Deaf. For his life’s enterprise he received the very prestigious "Israel Prize" for 1976.

For its existence, "Micha" relies almost entirely on private donations. I am proud to note that among Micha’s supporters are several of my family members, and of the Iraqian community, who have donated towards study rooms, expensive equipment used by the children for the lessons, and other purposes.

I am writing to you to support this very worthwhile cause.

Mrs Marsha Segal, a lovely lady and Chairwoman of "Micha", visits England several times a year, and would be glad to provide you with further details.

Dalia Dangoor

Later, from "Micha" Association:

On behalf of our Directors, staff and children, we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation for your generous gift of £250 which will help to ensure the continuity of our special educational and rehabilitation programmes for the benefit of Micha’s children.



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