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The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Two weeks ago, I met Zvi Gabay at the opening of an exhibition in Jerusalem. He told me about the journal on Babylonian Jewry The Scribe published by The Exilarch’s Foundation. I was truly happy and moved to get the latest issue of this journal which evoked fond memories of my childhood in Iraq which I left in 1942 and never went back. I remembered the name Dangoor in school and later I met another Dangoor in Stockholm, I knew about your being in London but never had the chance to meet you. The last ten years I have been active at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem as director of the European division.

A few years ago, Fred Worms helped us to install the Synagogue from Cochin (India) from the 17th century which carries his name. On that occasion the Israel Museum organised a wonderful exhibition on the three Jewish communities in India before the establishment of the State of Israel. I enclose for you a catalogue of that exhibition and I hope that you will enjoy reading it.


Vicky Meroz
Head of the European Department

The Jews of India
The story of three communities

Edited by Ospa Slapak
Published by The Israel Museum. Jerusalem
215 pp

This is an illustrated catalogue of the exhibition on the Jews of India organised by The Israel Museum, which was made possible by the generous contributions of:

Audrey and Martin Gruss, New York
Les Amis du Musée d’Israël à Jerusalem en Suisse Romande
Doreen and Albert Jacob, Jerusalem
Elias Charitable Foundation
The Rembaum family, in memory of their father, Bolek Rembaum

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