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From: Israeli Ambassador – Mr Zvi Shtauber – London

Dear Mr Dangoor

I would like to thank you most sincerely for sending me a copy of The Scribe. The issues raised in the Journal of Babylonian Jewry present an important insight into Diaspora and indeed Israeli life.
I note that this year sees the 30th anniversary of your publication. May I take this opportunity to congratulate you and wish you every continued success in the future of The Scribe.


Dear Mr Shtauber

Many thanks for your most kind letter and for your good wishes on the occasion of The Scribe’s 30th anniversary, which I was not mindful of!

Allow me to welcome and congratulate you in your position as Israel’s Ambassador, not only to the Court of St James but also to the Jewish communities of the United Kingdom. I hope to have the opportunity to liaise in matters of mutual interest. I recall I was sitting next to you at the meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Barak early last year, when I noted your sympathy for the rights of Jews from Arab lands.

I feel sorry that Israel now finds herself dealing with the growing Palestinian problem all alone, having released, in practice, all Arab countries from any responsibility in this regard.

A Palestinian peace settlement, especially as regards refugees and compensation, can only be achieved in a Regional context to involve all countries that went to war against Israel. Egypt and Jordan who are enjoying bilateral peace treaties should also be involved in a Regional peace settlement.


It was a great evening yesterday, for Israel and for the Bonds.

Syria has inadvertently walked straight into my trap by declaring that there will be no separate peace deal with Israel, but only one jointly with the Palestinian negotiations. This is a welcome development that should be acknowledged and endorsed by Israel. It makes the peace negotiations a regional matter which can impose on Syria the principle of land for peace, i.e. Syria has to cede the Golan Heights if she wants to make peace with Israel.

Moreover, history has taught us that there can be no real peace for Israel unless Iraq is tamed. 2,500 years ago Nebuchadnezzar was subdued by King Cyrus. Luckily the United States is willing and eager to tame Saddam, the latter-day self-proclaimer Nebuchadnezzar, and this process should really take place within the Middle East peace settlement. There are a number of other problems like the Kurds that could be solved under the same umbrella.

Labour’s announcement to join the government of national unity is a good starting point.

Naim Dangoor


From The Ambassador of Israel

Dear Naim

Just a quick note to thank you for your fax and interesting article "Where did we go wrong" of 10 July, we hope to be able to use this in our information work.
Once again, I would like to thank you for your continued help and solidarity with Israel at this most troubling time.

Dr Zvi Shtauber


Mr Eli Yerushalmi
Minister Councillor for Public Affairs
Embassy of Israel

Dear Mr Yerushalmi

It pained me to hear this morning the BBC Radio 4 interrogator questioning the Israeli spokesman about Israel’s army incursion into PA territories and "assassinating" suspected terrorists, instead of arresting them and bringing them to justice. His reply that Israel has no power to enter and arrest people inside Palestinian areas does not sound satisfactory.

When I was an officer in the army (i.e. the Iraqi army) we were taught the doctrine of "Hot Pursuit" which allows a State to enter a neighbouring State in pursuit of an enemy and dealing with that enemy in a warlike manner. It seems to me this is what Israel has been doing legitimately. This is what Turkey is continuously doing in Northern Iraq.

Is there a vacancy for me in the Cabinet?

Naim Dangoor

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