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Jews for Allah

I liked your site, especially your quote, "The Arab is our brother, there is no other". Would you like to exchange links?

Mine is


For 2,000 years we have been dodging the call of Jews for Jesus. Now a new fad has appeared – namely, Jews for Allah, wanting to convert Jews to Islam. When Rabbi "Zembartout" was asked how come we see many Jews converting to Islam but hardly any Moslem ever converts to Judaism, his cynical reply was, "Yes, a sighted man can become blind, but a blind man cannot become sighted"!

The fact of the matter is that Jews already believe in Allah. We can tell the Moslem, "You got your ideas from us, and now you want to sell them back to us?" Jews, Christians and Moslems all believe, in different ways, in the One True God of Israel. It is futile to claim monopoly, and there is no reason for attempting conversion from one to another. In the words of the Prophet Mohammed, "We have our religion and you have yours".
For years, the Catholic Church claimed that Catholicism is the only way to God. Now, with the rising Moslem threat, the Pope has to admit that there are various ways to approach God and are all valid.







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