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Hazon Yeshaya Soup Kitchens

I am a businessman from New York who moved to Jerusalem and started a small Humanitarian Project that has grown enormously. I presently have four locations that distribute daily hot meals to over 600 people – that adds up to over 15,000 meals per month. And this number increases daily.

I volunteer all my time and efforts to run this project.

The cost of this project is covered entirely from my own resources, but I invite like-minded people to join and share with me in this worthy cause.

Abraham ISRAEL

61 Rashi Street
POB 57570
ISRAEL 91571
Tel/Fax: 02-500 2627

Soup Kitchens:

65 Rashi Street (Mekor Baruch)
15 HaKinamon Street (Gilo)
7 Dov Hoz St (Kattamon)

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